About Art Franz

Performance Carpet Cleaning has been in business in the Red Deer area for many years, and under the present ownership for some 8 years. Art Franz is the sole owner and proprietor of the business and he carries with him some 25 + years of experience in the Carpet Cleaning industry. He uses the knowledge and experience that he has acquired during that time to your advantage to get you the best carpet cleaning experience available. Art is also professionally trained and certified in many aspects of the Carpet Cleaning industry. He continues to take courses specially designed to assist him in acquiring a higher level of professionalism in his industry. That makes him one in a relatively small minority of technicians in the Red Deer area that are, first of all certified, but also have the extensive training and experience that he has. We at Performance Carpet Cleaning would love to put our training and experience to work for you and prove to you that training and experience in this industry really does matter.