• Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Carpet Repairs & Restretching
  • Odor Removal
  • Ceramic Tile, Masonry, And Stone Cleaning
  • Flood Restoration
  • Spot And Stain Removal
  • Low Moisture Cleaning

There are many different grades, types, styles, and constructions of carpet available today. Each one of them, to one degree or another, requires a different approach to maintenance and cleaning. We at Performance Carpet Cleaning have the training and experience to identify and deal with how your carpets would achieve the best result possible.

The life and beauty of your upholstery depends greatly on how well it is cared for and maintained. Proper care, and cleaning, will improve the indoor air quality of your home, adhere to the factory warranty of your furniture, and keep it looking it’s best for the lifetime that it is in your environment.

Carpet repair and restretching could be a trade in itself. Familiarity with the different construction types employed in carpet is key to the success of any and all repairs and restretching that we are presented with. Art has a wealth of training and experience when it comes to repairing the damage that has occurred to your carpet.

When it comes to Odor Removal, training is key. In order to remove an Odor, you have to understand how and why it’s there, and be able to counter that Odor and remove it effectively. Lingering odours and recurring odours? Ask us how to deal with them and we’ll do our best to explain the science behind this most difficult problem. We also can supply you with a guarantee to remove odours. Any malodour that you may have, we have a solution.

Some of these hard surfaces can be very difficult to clean, and permanent damage can result from improper use and application of cleaning chemicals. So it is imperative that the technician that is tackling these surfaces knows how to handle them and what chemicals to use, and not use, on them. Art has the training and experience to handle any and all of these specialty surfaces.

Often this is an aspect of our industry that gets handled very poorly because of a lack of education. Floods need to be dealt with as an emergency situation. The environment that’s affected needs to be dried down expediently; or secondary and very major damage can and will result. Talk to us about your situation and we will advise you whether it can be handled by us or if an insurance claim might be your best option.

Technically speaking any discolouration of your textile (including carpet) is a spot, at least until it is proven that it cannot be removed at which time it then gets labelled as a stain, or permanent damage. Again, Performance Carpet Cleaning has the training and experience to identify and reverse the spots that commonly occur in residential and commercial carpet and upholstery.

Primarily used in commercial maintenance applications, the technical name for this method of cleaning is encapsulation. A specific cleaning solution is applied to the textile, that solution is vigorously agitated on your textile, causing the solution to dissolve and hold in suspension the soils present on your textile. This is allowed to dry, and the soils which have been encapsulated in the solution get physically removed from your textile with subsequent maintenance vacuuming. We have proven time and again that this type of cleaning method results in the appearance level of the carpet is increased for a longer period of time than with hot water extraction methods. This is because the residual chemical in the textile acts as a fluorochemical (commonly known as Scotchgard or Teflon) which, in effect, reduces the amount of soul that adheres to your textile.